Per Lesson

3 lessons per week

25-min session length

Total: $63/week



Per Lesson

2 lessons per week

25-min session length

Total: $45/week



Per Lesson

1 lesson per week

25-min session length

Total: $27/week

Online via Skype
Connect from anywhere. No need to waste time commuting.
No commitment
Skip weeks or cancel your subscription anytime.
Personalized training for your difficulties.
Take advantage of our specialized materials to help you improve fast.
Weekly Subscription
Charged weekly, recurring schedule, cancel anytime.
Satisfaction Guarantee
Get a full refund of your last payment if you're not happy.

Common Questions

What times are classes available?
You can choose any time slot 24 hours a day, Monday through Sunday (7 days a week). We will match you with a coach who can accommodate your times.

Can I skip my classes for a particular week?

Yes, you can skip any week before the week has started. You can manage your skipped weeks directly in your account.

Can I change my class schedule after I start?

Sure. Please contact your accent coach directly at least 10 hours before your class to find an alternate time slot.

How long before there is improvement in my accent?
Most students feel some improvement within a few weeks and a significant improvement within several months.

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription directly on your account page by clicking “Manage Subscription”->”Cancel Subscription”

What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee?
If at any time you are unsatisfied with your subscription, we will refund the amount paid for your current week.


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Class Time: 24x7
New York Address: 99 Wall Street #246, New York, NY 10005 (classes are online, not at this address)
Florida Address: 7901 4 St N #300, St Petersburg, FL 33702 (classes are online, not at this address)