Find out what accent reduction is all about.

Most business professionals get nervous about speaking in public. Our communication skills seem to go out the window as the size of the audience grows. Whether it’s a progress report given to a handful of colleagues or a quarterly review presented before the board of directors, you will need to follow these steps to ensure...

Tough; though; through; thought– Why don’t these words rhyme? Spelling in English is hard enough on paper. But pronunciation can be even trickier. There seem to be too many rules and exceptions. Where did all this complication come from? The simple answer: history. Did English come from Latin, Greek, or German? Yes, yes, and yes....

Everyone has an accent. But, most people don’t realize it until they leave home and go somewhere that the majority of people speak with a different accent. That’s when they see the need to “reduce” their old accent and acquire a new one.  Many people come to live and work in New York City, San...

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