American Accent Training5 Ways American Accent Training Helps You Succeed

Is your native accent holding you back from achieving your goals as you live and work in America? Are you wondering if American accent training can actually help you reduce your accent? If so, you’re not the only one. While you don’t need an American accent to work in many jobs in America, it’s well...

Is your native accent holding you back from achieving your goals as you live and work in America? Are you wondering if American accent training can actually help you reduce your accent? If so, you’re not the only one.

While you don’t need an American accent to work in many jobs in America, it’s well documented that speaking in a thick, non-native accent often engenders negative stereotypes and limits opportunity. In fact, having a strong, non-native accent may cause people to view you as less employable and trustworthy

This is an unfortunate reality. Maybe this has happened to you. Or, you may want to keep it from happening to you. Whatever the case, you may be seriously considering modifying, or reducing, your native accent.

As a leading online accent academy, we’re here to assure you that reducing your accent is possible. We know because our American accent trainers help people reduce their thick accents every day.

In this article, we’ll delve into:

  • What an American accent actually is
  • Accent bias and accent anxiety
  • How having an American accent helps you succeed
  • What accent reduction is and how accent training is the easiest and fastest way to get the American accent

With accent reduction classes, you can learn how to speak with an American accent and succeed in your goals. 

What is the General American Accent?

If you listen to national news broadcasts or most media outlets, you’ve probably heard the General American accent. This accent is devoid of strong regional accents and is often used in business meetings and professional circles. This is why American accent tutors focus on it.  

What are Accent Bias and Accent Anxiety?

Accent bias is discrimination against someone based on someone’s non-standard pronunciation of words. It can manifest in many ways, from being passed over for a job to not being taken seriously in social situations.

Accent anxiety happens on the other side of the table– fear of judgment or rejection due to speaking with a non-standard accent. This can lead to avoiding things like social interactions, networking opportunities, and even job interviews.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Accent bias isn’t unique to America. All cultures have some form of it. However, if you’re living or working in America, you’re dealing with the American accent bias. The best way to counter it is to get an accent reduction tutor.

What is Accent Reduction?

Accent reduction is a concerted effort to reduce your native accent. This can take many forms but many people find that taking accent reduction classes from a professional accent academy is the most effective and efficient. 

For example, our American accent training consists of one-on-one classes. In each class, a professional American accent trainer helps you accomplish two key things: reduce your native accent and learn to communicate well with the American accent.

Learn more about our American accent training.

5 Real Ways Accent Reduction Helps You Succeed
 1. Better Job Opportunities

Clear communication is a requirement for any job. However, if you have a strong, non-native accent, it’s likely that communication is often negatively impacted in two basic ways.

First, it’s sometimes more difficult for native English speakers to understand someone with a thick accent. Second, your accent is a cultural cue that you’re not a native speaker, and this cue can cause some people to question your fluency, competence, or even intelligence.

This is the accent bias at work. And it’s likely to put you at a disadvantage when competing for jobs or promotions against native speakers.In our American accent training, you work one-on-one with a professional American accent trainer to learn to speak with a near-native level of clarity. This will make you a more attractive candidate and improve your chances of getting hired or promoted.

 2. Higher Earning Potential

Your accent and speech might be impacting your salary. Put simply, if you speak a “non-mainstream” American accent, you’re likely to earn less than those who speak with the General American accent.

This is the accent bias at work again. Many native speakers and employers view those with a strong command of the English language as being more intelligent and competent. If you have a non-native accent, you may be perceived as lacking these qualities, regardless of your actual competence.

However frustrating and unfair this is, the only way to counteract it is to reduce your accent. This is why enrolling in American accent training at an accent academy goes a long way in helping you earn more money and reach your full potential.

  3. Improved Social Life

If you have a thick accent, you may have experienced some form of social discrimination or exclusion.

Maybe you were passed over for a social event because people had a hard time understanding you. Or, maybe your colleagues speak over you or fail to invite you to casual after-work gatherings.

These experiences can lead to social anxiety and make it difficult to form the strong relationships you need to succeed.

In accent reduction classes, you learn to speak with a more neutral accent, which will help you create and nurture relationships.

  4. Greater Opportunities for Networking 

In today’s world, formal networking is essential for career growth and success. This can take the form of things like in-person events, conferences, or Zoom calls. However, if you have a strong accent, you’ve probably missed out on critical opportunities to network with potential employers or clients – even if you attended the events!

This is because people are more likely to do business with those they can easily understand and relate to.

An American accent trainer can help you prepare for these important networking events. Your trainer will teach you the clear and concise American accent you need so you can make the best impression possible. This will help you make connections and advance your career.

  5. Increased Confidence

There’s no doubt that the way we speak affects our confidence and success in life.

Your voice and accent are among the first things people notice about you and because of this, your accent can either inspire confidence or hinder it.

If you speak with an American accent, many native speakers will perceive you as more confident. You’ll probably feel more confident because, not only can you communicate more clearly when it matters, but you’ll have an additional skill – the ability to use a new accent.

This new accent is an empowering tool that doesn’t change who you are. It enhances and expands it.

Are You Ready to Succeed with Accent Reduction Classes?

Are you ready to work with a professional American accent trainer to reduce your thick accent? 

Accent Advisor is a premier online accent academy that delivers the highest quality accent training available. Our 800+ 5-star reviews speak for themselves. Enroll today to get started with your American accent training.

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